Camp NaNoWriMo – 26th

Hounds of Camelot

I heard him holler from the yard
There was a catch to his voice
Rhyverys, Master of the Hounds, distress
Left me, Taliesin, with no choice
Outside I scurried with apprehension
A tale here, I was sure, but as Chief Bard, I did not rejoice

The hounds, they are gone to their maker
Not one has survived the night
Camelot is surely cursed, I tell you
None of us will survive this plight
Call Sir Lancelot, call King Arthur too
I know that we will pay for this blight

Even as Rhyverys’ lament found voice
I felt a presence at my back
Turning I saw Merlin approach
A porteous sign, his brow was black
Features cast in stone; robes majestically swaying
He was furious, his temper did crack

Deceit, I feel its presence in the air
You both will not move a muscle, do you hear
You will stay still and quiet
For all is not as it appears I fear
I will deal with this in my way
Keep all away, things may turn queer

With this Merlin strode to the barn
He did not glance back a single time
Rhyverys and I stayed like stone
And almost immediately his voice began to chime
A frantic rhymical tune, horrid and intense
And as he spoke the sky darkened to a horrid grime

Death, you are here against your will
Be gone, you hellish fiend, here you do not belong
Witches have brought you here
I demand you do no wrong
Free these innocent hounds
Evil hearted villain I insist you be gone

A blast of smoke, a hollow thud
The ground beneath our feet did shake
A wail, a scream of pure torment
Fear took hold of me, I began to quake
A cloud of smoke filled the air
I thought all would break

Do not fear gentlemen, this evil has been purged
The hounds are alive again, Rhyverys cried
But how can this be? They were dead?
Only death can decide who has died
Even death can be beguiled by a pretty face
But I will have my revenge on those who lied

And on this vow a puff of smoke
And Merlin was gone before our eyes
But Our Master of the Hounds did not even notice
He was to overcome, on a thundering high
But I do solemnly swear as I tell this tale
Within the clouds I saw her face in her mortal guise


  • Narrative poetry presents a series of events through action and dialogue.
  • Most narrative poems feature a single speaker: the narrator.
  • Traditional forms of narrative poetry include epics, ballads, and Arthurian romances.


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