Camp NaNoWriMo – 25th


Is heartbreak fatal, faithful friend?
A candle, brilliant, bright before
It’s extinguished, tormenting end
Denying, sadly souls deplore

Is heartbreak my outlawed delight?
A craven escape from despair?
Taboo, unseen, a cruel plight
A woven portrait showing tears

Shallow hussy tempting heartbreak
Worship endless, shouldn’t forsake


A lyric poem is a short, emotionally expressive poem with a songlike quality that is narrated in the first person. Unlike narrative poetry, which recounts events and tells a story, lyric poetry explores the emotions of the speaker of the poem. Lyric poetry originated in ancient Greek literature and was originally intended to be set to music, accompanied by a musical instrument called a lyre, which resembles a small harp. Lyric poetry traditionally follows strict formal rules, but because there have been many different types of lyric poetry over centuries, there are now various different forms of lyric poetry.


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