A Letter A Week – Q

This week we’re upto Q, and surprisingly there was a plethora of choices for what to draw, but before we entered that maze let’s first have a look at the participants from last week.

Fandango from This, That and The Other

Christine from Stine Writing

Carol Anne from Therapy Bits

Sadje from Keep It Alive

Jaquintinwriter from Creative Life of Today’s Senior Citizens

Kate from Aroused

when Pete saw Paula’s perky bits
in the school playground
his passion arose
and he struggled to pacify it

Now, as normal, lets do a quick recap of the rules. This prompt is very simple, there is one rule only. Your response needs to contain the letter of the week, other than that you’re free to do as you wish. The prompts I offer are not compulsary, they’re just suggestions but it does close at 12pm on Saturday, so I have time to do the roundup.

If you’d like to join in use the tag #1letterperweek, and ping back and we’ll see how it goes.

So, onto Q and this week’s prompts.

Place – quagmire

Emotion – queasy

Adjective – quick

Verb – qualify

My animal – quokka

“There has to be more to life.”

At his quick words she scowled, “Do you want to qualify that remark?”

“Look I’m just saying this can’t be the sum reason for my existence, there must be more to it.”

“Ok, what do you want to do then?”

He’d stepped into a quagmire with his querulous attitude.

“And now for something a bit different, here’s Quokka Clown.”

The announcement did little to ease his queasy stomach.

© NopeNotPam

22 thoughts on “A Letter A Week – Q

  1. Now I know for certain that I was late with my “P” offering!…oh well, it might still be worth a read (it was FUN to write). I like your story, and had never heard of a quokka. These prompts are uniquely clever–what are we going to do after “Z”? Hope you are well😊

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    1. A quokka is an Australian marsupial only found on Rottnest island, and I don’t know what we’ll do after Z. Suggestions are welcome

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well you’ll need to come to Australia, travel to Western Australia and visit Rottnest Island. That’s the only place you’ll find them. PS They’re actually cuter in person

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  2. What a great drawing! Meeting a quokka has actually been on the duck and my bucket list ever since we saw a photo of one a few years ago. Meeting Quokka Clown would be even more exciting, I think!

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