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Fandango’s Flash Fiction #177

What Do You See #143

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Fandango’s Story Starter #55

Simply 6 Minutes – Welcome to the Challenge: 07/19/2022

Three Things Challenge #M27

Three Things Challenge #M28

Three Things Challenge #M29

People trust me with their secrets, but if they really knew me, I think they would have second thoughts.

You see I’m an agony aunt, or perhaps I should say uncle.  I’m the one those people write their deep dark secrets too for a bit of titillation.  I’m the one who offers a salve for their conscious at a bargain price.

The editor reckons I’m what gets the papers off the shelf at the supermarket.  That at a discount price I provide the entertainment which there has sorely been a shortage of lately.  I tend to ignore the labels he parks on me, I’m on a diet, I don’t need his saccharin sweet foods.

Anyway, moving on, you may have read my column, Sunset in a cup, you may even enjoy it, but you wouldn’t if you knew the truth I hide.

Ok, its time to end the agony, no pun intended, I’m not an aunt, I’m not even an uncle, though I pretend to be.  I’m a gramophone, a haunted gramophone and I live in that house.

Hey, don’t disconnect … I didn’t build it, I was just bought at the junk yard sale.

© NopeNotPam

14 thoughts on “confession

  1. I once owned the domain! Wrote a full app behind it, too, where people could post problems and give advice. It got very weird when people strarted using it – I just didn’t want to be seeing other people’s dirty laundry.

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