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Three Things Challenge #M18

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Encore – July 5, 2022

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #191

Later he would look back and think how strange it was that a bit of lighting could change everything, but then he’d only known one thing, he was fed up.

Sure, the sunset was a gorgeous hue of vibrant colours, but that did little to alter the reality of the situation.  He was still hungry, any food, wet or dry, would have been welcome, but she hadn’t wanted to wait until after dinner, she’d wanted to leave right that moment.

Which was why he was standing here, instead of tucked up in his warm bed.

At his involuntary whine she turned, her lips pursing before she opened the tent’s flap and waved him inside.

“It will all look better in the morning darling.”

And it did.  The sun had revealed fields open and wide, places to run places to share, but best of all, things to chase.

Without waiting for her to pull on her boots he took off after the rabbit.

“Fido come back,” Fiona yelled at her shepherd forlornly.  It was going to be a long day.

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