Camp NaNoWriMo – 11th

To My One True Love

To you I say a big hooray
You are the reason I can breathe
You consume my thoughts night and day
Without your presence I could not live

With winters chilled breathe
I reach for you; I hold you firmly against my breast
You dissipate the cold
You hold me in the warmth of your caress
Without you, life would not be blessed

So dear friend come hither
In my arms you will shelter once again
Through the long dark evenings of winter
We will let our love unfold
But I do say with regret
That our time together is destined to be short
For with summer’s return
Hot water bottle you will be relegated to the bottom drawer
But your service will never be forgotten


An ode poem is traditionally divided into three sections, or stanzas:1. The strophe. In a Greek ode, the strophe usually consists of two or more lines repeated as a unit. In modern usage, the term strophe can refer to any group of verses that form a distinct unit within a poem.

The antistrophe. The second section of an ode is structured the same way as the strophe, but typically offers a thematic counterbalance.

The epode. This section or stanza typically has a distinct meter and length from the strophe and antistrophe, and serves to summarize or conclude the ideas of the ode.


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