A Letter A Week – O

This week we are heading into the O zone (Isn’t that a terrible pun) but before we take that leap, lets first go and see all the contributions from last week.

Fandango from This, That and The Other

Staarlz from Falling Staarz Poetry

Sadje from Keep It Alive

Nat from The Elephant’s Trunk

Now onto the refresh of the rules, this prompt is very simple, there is one rule only. Your response needs to contain the letter of the week, other than that you’re free to do as you wish. The prompts I offer are not compulsary, they’re just suggestions but it does close at 12pm, so I can me to do the roundup.

If you’d like to join in use the tag #1letterperweek, and ping back and we’ll see how it goes.

So, onto O and this week’s prompts.

Place – ocean

Emotion – oblivious

Adjective – odd

Verb – obligate

My animal – ostrich

Oscar the Ostrich was an odd type of fella
He often felt obligated, worried others would call him yella
Did as he was told, no matter what
So, to the ocean they were going, as it was getting kind of hot.
An obvious choice? Perhaps for you.
Oscar didn’t like the ocean, but didn’t know what to do.
I’ll make my own way, he offered with smile
Oblivious to the frowns, they all knew he’d be off by a mile
Perhaps that was why they were unsurprised
When Oscar popped up before the poor truck driver’s eyes
Lucky he was quick on the brake
Else poor Oscar would forever have been late

© NopeNotPam

22 thoughts on “A Letter A Week – O

  1. well that was a particularly happy ending, a very different twist for you deb!

    Now don’t be like an ostrich
    obligated to find oblivion
    by burying your head in the ocean
    oddly enough dealing with reality
    prepares you for that big Ole world 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I can relate.
        it’s not always easy to find the correct rhyming words.
        I’ve enjoyed the past 10 days writing poems for
        the NaNoWriMo July challenge.
        The mini-goal I set for myself is complete.
        I’m uncertain if I wish to continue and realize the fact there’s no available people nor events in my region likely was the reason I abandoned
        a novel I’d started in 2021.
        I hope you have better luck than I ~ maybe even find a writing buddie who resides near you.
        Keep up the good work. 😊


        Liked by 1 person

      2. Time is my issue, I’m writing the majority during my lunch breaks, so their a bit rough, but what are you going to do?


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