Camp NaNoWriMo – 8th

Alphabetical Arc

Antelopes appeasing appetites
Buffalos sipping brandy as they bellow blazingly
Cat carefully creeps between the cornflowers
Dogs dawdling delighted with the day
Emu’s elongated neck enviously examining
Flamingos flamboyant feathers
Galah grunts, gorging on grapes
Hippo hiccups hilariously happily hungry
Iguana insulted instantly
Jaguar looking jaundiced in jolly jumpers
Kangaroo kleptomaniacs kautious
Llama largely lame laughs
Macaw makes mischief madly
Numbat nods nicely, not a nuisance
Orangutan outrageous in orange overalls
Pig perkily pricks up pink ears
Quail quietly quaffs
Rat regally runs round and round
Swan sits still … silently scornful
Turtle topples through the turf
Urchin unanimously unattaches
Vulture ventures vaguely
Walrus waddles warily away
Xeme’s xenodiagnosis extreme
Yaks yawn at his yuckiest yogurt
Zebra zombifies zucchinis


Two types of alphabet poems are often used with young children today. ABC poems consist of five lines starting with five consecutive letters of the alphabet. They focus on imagery of a feeling or mood.


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