This tale was written based on the following prompts

Fandango’s Flash Fiction #175

What Do You See #141

Twiglet #286

Fandango’s Story Starter #53

Simply 6 Minutes – Welcome to the Challenge: 07/05/2022

Three Things Challenge #M13

Three Things Challenge #M14

Three Things Challenge #M15

Three Things Challenge #M16

The dark silhouette of a woman stood in the doorway, gestured for me to come forward, and whispered, you’re getting really behind on these prompts my dear.

I rolled my eyes, but she was written, I hadn’t realised how long Camp NaNoWriMo was going to take, but this wasn’t the time to worry about that, I had six minutes to clear the backlog.

With a nod I turned from her, taking my lead from the urgency in her tone, I leant forward to collar the guy heading towards the campfire whispering, “Hey what’s you name mate, is this training and are you all vaccinated?”

Frantically he pulled away, heading back to the campfire quickly and I shrugged, obviously had a chip on his shoulder, but in a rare twist of emotion I didn’t mind, I felt almost delighted, terminating the conversation suddenly like that saved time.

Shrugging, I turned and headed towards a hill with an overgrown train track, and I paused, well Sire and Dam this is a quandary, I thought.  It was obviously going somewhere but the track seemed a little small to be standard, perhaps a toy track?  But why here, and where did it go?

Now I could stand here and suckle on that thought but …

I flinched as my eyes were suddenly covered by icy cold hands and I felt my chest constrict.

“Sandra?”  I asked weakly.

“You did it Grandma, all those prompts in 6 minutes, congrats, I brought you tea.”

I sighed my relief.

© NopeNotPam

24 thoughts on “prompt

    1. I start work at 6am, I get home round 4pm. All the stuff to do round the house, then posts. Seriously I sometimes think it’s to much effort 🙄

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      1. I have few such committments but even so, don’t want to feel like I *have to* write something. That’s why I stack the Songshine stuff so far in advance. I write when I feel like it because I know there’ll cone a time when I *don’t* feel like it.
        The other thing is that unless I’m writing freely, a whole load of crap comes out.

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