Camp NaNoWriMo – 5th

Dinner went uneaten, I turned to hubby to scold
He shivered in his seat, I asked did he have a cold
He denied this emphatically, he was just feeling old

In my head I thought he was just trying to cheat
He didn’t like the dinner, way too much heat
I scowled again stating, you still need to eat

He sat at the table, and went kind of still
I declared, you ain’t moving un – till
You eat your dinner, even if you’re ill


Diminishing verse offers no origin and very few rules, but I enjoyed writing my example below. In fact, the main rule is this: Remove the first letter of end word in previous line.

For example:

  • Line 1 ends with the word “grad”
  • And line 2 ends “rad”
  • Then, line 3 ends “ad”

Note: There are no rules for rhymes, syllables, poem length, stanza length, etc. Just a simple removal of a letter. That said, poets can also remove sounds if they wish like “braille” to “rail” to “ale.”


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