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Three Things Challenge #M10

She’d had her doubts from the start, there was no denying it, but her brother’s renovation work had convinced her that she could do this.

The lorry and the police blocking the lane, cast a shadow over her confidence and with a sigh she retreated from where she had been peering out the broken window, she might as well get this over and done with.

“You’re not going out there?”

Her brother’s protest drew her up short, “What else can I do?  We always knew they’d be questions.”

“But …”

“But nothing Dan, I’m not you, a pro at whatever job I take on, I’ll just have to explain and hope they go easy on me.”

“I think you’ve got this wrong Petra.”

Aggravated at his continued protests she bypassed him, storming down the staircase, and throwing open the heavy wooden door, blinking at the light and the three men who stood on the doorstep. 

“I know what you’re going to say, but I thought I’d done rather a good job.”  Three sets of eyes peered at her, “Alright perhaps the purple was uncalled for, but …”

“Purple?” The rather handsome police officer murmured, the envelop in his hand apparently forgotten.  “I don’t see any purple.”

Frowning Petra motioned to where her car was parked on the bend, the car she’d spent months working on, “My car.”

“Oh that, its really something, but that’s not why we’re here.”

“It’s not,” Surprised she stilled, aware Dan had come to stand at her shoulder, and he was looking extremely pale, “But why are you here then?”

“This house has been condemned.”

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