Camp NaNoWriMo – 1st


deep seated chill, old bones complaints echoed in the thunder of rain
eyes stare unseeing, time melts in the brilliance of her smile
winter’s mist dissolves, forgotten in the embrace of remembrance


  • 3 lines in length, averaging 14-16 syllables per line (for a poem total of 44-46 syllables).
  • Line 1 introduces the situation or theme of the poem.
  • Line 2 develops the theme with more detail or a “turn” in argument.
  • Line 3 presents a “twist” and conclusion.
  • Sijo are meant to be songs, so this form is more lyrical.
  • Poems can be profound, humorous, metaphysical, and personal.
  • Each line should have a pause (or break) somewhere in the middle.
  • First half of the final line employs a “twist” of meaning, sound, or another poetic device.


18 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo – 1st

  1. This is a lovely sijo, Deb! You inspired me to at least look up July’s Camp NaNoWriMo…I haven’t made a decision yet, as I’ve no clue what I’d write about at the moment.

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      1. Poetry would be right up my alley, so to speak–and I’ve got a new blog going which is somewhat like a journal…so maybe I’ll be at Camp, no promises😊

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