This tale was written based on the following prompts

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #175

Twiglet #285

Fandango’s Story Starter #52

Simply 6 Minutes – Welcome to the Challenge: 06/28/2022

Three Things Challenge #M5

Three Things Challenge #M6

Three Things Challenge #M7

Three Things Challenge #M8

If I told him once, I’d told him a thousand times that he’d made a grave mistake when he’d given them independent thought, but being a scientist, no a man, he’d gone ahead and done it anyway.

The words were scrawled in bright blue paint beneath the junction box, but Lacey was too engrossed in her phone to pay attention.  She’d asked Siri for directions to the local theatre and ended up here.  She should have turned around at the barrier, but the damn phone had been so insistent, she’d slipped through a gap and now she was standing at the top of a building in the middle of nowhere.

Moving over to the roof’s edge Lacey came to a standstill, gazing blankly down at the traffic, which sped along its assigned route with a contempt that bespoke of familiarity. Life was such an accident waiting to happen.

She hadn’t wanted to go to the theatre tonight, that was probably why she’d booked in the van for its service, that was probably why she’d declined the loan car which had been offered so kindly.  Perhaps that was even why she’d decided to rely on unreliable Siri.

Lacey’s turned, pausing as she noticed the words scrawled beneath the junction box. 

That had to be a woman, she thought with a snort of laughter, and shaking her head she began to retrace her steps.  Home to chardonnay, sex in the city and the cat.

She’d told big brother a thousand times that he’d made a grave mistake when he’d given them independent thought, uneven time was not to be scoffed at.  Raising her head Fate smiled, one day he’d learn not to mess with her.

© NopeNotPam

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