This tale was written based on the following prompts

#Writephoto – Mushrooms

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #188

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Strawberry Moon – June 14, 2022

Three Things Challenge #995

Three Things Challenge #996

Through the gate, adorned with warning signs they scurried.  Casting off the shackles of sedateness, for they were extremely worried.

It was no obstacle for them, they were silent, quietened in their approach, this was one challenge it would be no problem to broach.

Beneath the bottom rung they slid, path illuminated by the strawberry moon, they made no effort to be hid, for they would reach their objective soon.

They were not fainthearted, their focus didn’t slacken, this had been planned for an eternity (Ok, perhaps half an hour, give or take), their reputations wouldn’t be blackened.

They had a purpose, a ramshackle idea, and their hearts smacked inside their chests with gusto, but they were still practical and hoped it didn’t snow though.

As they drew near to their objective their pace increased, and now they veered around the jail’s high fence, as if their foot was greased.

Six slippery slimy snails came to a pause, eye stalks extending fully at this foul sight, for tearing up mushrooms was their cause.

© NopeNotPam

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