A Review – Two Bone – Anthology 2

I wasn’t sure what to expect from T.K. Wrathbone’s Two Bone Anthology, but to my delight (and fright) what I discovered was a book with well-crafted, page turning tales and twists aplenty.

From the cover I assumed we were entering the territory of horror, but unlike many anthologies of this genre, this book broke with the traditional troupes to deliver something new and enthralling.

From the strange happenings at The Orphanage, to the chilling rework of the traditional fairy tale Hantel and Gresel: Food Critics, the reader enters a world where it is safe to assume that nothing is as it appears.  Add to this the certainty that neat endings aren’t always the case and you have an anthology sure to delight the fearless pre-teen.

T.K. Wrathbone’s knack of modernising traditional horror and adding anew slant, made this book both intriguing and unsettling.  Add to this that it didn’t overstep into the grotesque and you have a book which is perfect for its designated age group.

I would highly recommend this book for any pre-teen who enjoys the horror, the supernatural, and all things creepy.  Its sure to send a shiver down their spines.

Rating: 4/5

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