A Letter A Week – J

This week is brought to you by the letter J, but before jump like jelly beans, let’s first do the wrap up for the happy letter I.

You can check them out below:

Sadje from Keep It Alive

Fandango from This, That and the Other

Carol anne from Therapy Bits

Now, as per usual, a recap of the rules. There’s only one, the letter of the week must feature, everything else is just a suggestion and not compulsory in any way, just remember it all wraps up at 12pm on Fridays.

If you’d like to join in use the tag #1letterperweek, and ping back and we’ll see how it goes.

Now onto J:

Place – jumping castle

Emotion – jaded

Adjective – jinxed

Verb – jiggle

My animal – jaguar

Oh, my life has become a jumping castle

I am surely jinxed

Watch my stomach jiggle like jelly

The jaguar would beware me I thinks

© NopeNotPam

24 thoughts on “A Letter A Week – J

  1. No longer jaded or jinxed
    as I jiggle my way free
    that jade jumping castle I did see
    no jaguar will find me there …

    for if he dare his claws will shred
    the castle, and scare him instead!

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