A Fitting Conclusion

This tale was written based on the following prompts

Fandango’s Story Starter #45

Simply 6 Minutes

Twiglet #278

What do You See #133

Fandango’s Flash Fiction #168

My boss called me into her office and silently handed me a piece of a paper instructing me to follow my dreams, and suddenly I was afraid.

My dreams have a way of imploding, but like layers of cloud, his instructions couldn’t be dismissed.

For days I worried, growing weary like the old dilapidated tree which has seen better days, but eventually my thoughts turned to her, and I was reminded that dreams don’t sleep peacefully.

So, I grabbed the flowers and my courage, hopped on my bike and headed in your direction, passing that tree which had stood sentinel with a wry smile.

There was only one way this would end, in disaster … and I was right, as the rain began to plummet down and I lost control and that’s how I ended up here.

In silence I watched the emotions flit across your features, I saw your eyes shift to the bouquet of flowers which I still gripped with a fatalistic devotion, and then you smiled.

“Yes, I’ll marry you, David.”

My heart might have skipped a beat, but it was my little sister’s whoops of joy which brought my parents running.

“Marc said yes, I’m going to be a best man.”

“Best man? Well I’m going to the Father of the Bride.”

Came the quick retort and as we shared a resigned look I smiled, “Welcome to the family.”

© NopeNotPam

16 thoughts on “A Fitting Conclusion

  1. An intriguing tale with lots of questions. – wonder why she didn’t accept the offer of marriage in the first place. And then why did it end in disaster when the ‘yes’ finally did come.
    Good story, well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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