Manja Discovers The Hidden Truth

So Manja at An Embarrassment of Riches has told me that her fabulous picture below has been selected as a prompt for the Thursday Doors – Writing Challenge, so here’s my tale again as an entry to this wonderful contest.

It’s open all May, so check it out.

© Manja at An Embarrasement of Riches

Those who pass on the road shake their heads in despair, but they have no idea what lies inside, of which they should beware.

If they managed to creep, through the destruction deliberately wrought, they would find a secret most sought.

Behind the fallen door which leads to the concrete steps, behind the triangular patterned balustrade which looks like it could flex.

Behind the glass door set within its damaged concrete frame is something to make all wonder, but it remains hidden just the same.

Deep within he sits with his head bowed, he works diligently, oh so proud.

As each day passes, he crosses it off his calendar with a glare, soon the day will be here, he has no time to spare.

You see he is the Valentine Gnome, its his duty to make sure love receives its just reward, and perhaps he’s slumming it, but he had to escape, he was just of adored.

The attention was making his head grow wide, work was suffering don’t you see, but now Manja has photographed his workshop, he might just have an uninvited guest or three.

© NopeNotPam

24 thoughts on “Manja Discovers The Hidden Truth

  1. This is a very nice bit of writing around that photo. The photo was challenging, but you managed a very clever response – well done! Thanks you for submitting it for our challenge.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ha ha ha, love it! One aussie business woman living in India bought the most beat up taxi and had a super hot engine put in …
    nobody sought it cos it looked so ugly
    but underneath that bonnet it sure could go!

    Liked by 1 person

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