The Final

Hi All,

We’ve made it to the final, this is it, time to choose your winner. Now Semi-Final 2 didn’t garner many votes and it was a tie for the second position, so I decided that only one would go through.

Next Friday I will announce the winner, but now its time to vote like your house is on fire and only a Big Thing can extinguish the flames.

All will be revealed on Friday, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Don’t hesitate, vote now!!!

This finalists are:

Stone, Albany and Orroroo

© NopeNotPam

19 thoughts on “The Final

  1. stone looks a bit severe to me … I prefer the other two, but to make it easy I’ll go with hooroo 😉

    It’s made from recycled things and we all like a person of action! Mind you the seahorse artist deserves 2nd prize, great artwork …

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