A Review – Neidra’s Lore

Kaleen Kar’s Neidra’s Lore is a delightful tale, underlying a harsh truth, and I will admit it far exceeded my expectations.  Set in a world where fighting between inhabitants and attack by intergalactic visitors have managed to destroy the environment forcing everyone underground, it really struck a chord.  Focusing on Myana, a young girl with the talent of telepathy with humans and animals, it explores her journey to locate a new home for those remaining whilst exploring the obligations they now have, and this is where the book excelled.

Many books which explore this concept put aside the fact that those who are immigrating destroyed their own environment, but Kaleen’s book doesn’t.  Through Myana, we not only see her guilt, but also her obligation to ensure that what happened on her world, doesn’t occur again.

Not wishing to give away the plotline I will note that she not only doesn’t reveal all she discovers so others stay safe, but also takes responsibly for the decision of whom will have this opportunity.

This rich plotline, which highlights that one must take ownership of bad outcomes as well as good, is accompanied by illustrations making it the perfect book for pre-teens to explore these important concepts.

I would highly recommend for young adults as it is not only an enjoyable story but also highly relevant in the current period.

Rating: 4/5


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