A Letter A Week

From this week Drawing Sunday is going to morph into a prompt.  Are you curious?

Maybe not but here’s how its going to work.  For the next 26 weeks we are going to visit each letter of the alphabet and, if you’re interested you can create a post featuring that letter.

To give you a bit of inspiration you’ll get one of my animal drawings and the following:

A place

An emotion

An adjective

A verb

All starting with the letter of the week (Until I can’t think of one), and there are no limits to what your post, except it must feature the letter of the week.

This ones a free for all, but it will close on Friday at 12pm, so I have time to do the round up.

If you’d like to join in use the tag #1letterperweek, and ping back and we’ll see how it goes.

Now onto A

Place – amphitheatre

Emotion – awkward

Adjective – attentive

Verb – admire

My animal – Albatross

© NopeNotPam

23 thoughts on “A Letter A Week

  1. Splendid new start, dear Deb. The drawing is lovely, and the dressing you added: place, emotion, adjective, and verb for the lovely albatross adds all the elegance I like in a post. Thanks so very much. Like promised I waited for yours to go live so I had somewhere to pingback to. I see it still needs to be approved but for good measure let me add my link here: https://selmamartin.com/drawing-sunday-with-deb-drew-a-fun-facts-funday-for-april/
    Every drawing I have seen is the best. It’s just that with everyone you keep getting better and better. Yay! This is your best one this week. Keep going.
    (hope you enjoyed mine about April) I bless you. xoxo

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      1. I do ninety percent on the weekends and then scramble on weekdays to fit everything else in. Tonight I’ve gone for a bike ride, listened to a lecture, started putting together a knitted jumper and now I’m drawing. I’ve been home 3 hours. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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