All Aboard

My entry wasn’t a finalist in this year’s Children’s Valentine Day Writing Contest, but I quite liked it, hope you do too

As the gate creaked Marcia pulled up the skirt of her bridesmaid dress and hurried down the path.  Valentine’s Day and the first uninvited visitor was bounding towards her, an excitable dalmatian.

“Marcia, you look gorgeous,” Mrs Champ proclaimed, “Violet will be delighted by your idea, but perhaps I should stay.  I can look after them while you finish inside.”

Marcia almost sighed in relief, she was only ten, and planning a surprise was so hard when dad didn’t know.  He thought she didn’t want him to marry Violet, but mum had died so long ago, and he looked so happy now.

“Dad said that Violet would’ve travelled in a horse drawn sled at home.”  Marcia said, as George the germen shepherd appeared, “Do you think she’ll like it?”

“She’ll love it, go, we’ll get them ready.”  Mrs Champ said as another dog arrived, and Marcia hurried inside as Violet appeared.

“Wow, you look like a Princess.”

“Thank you, Marcia.”

“And I’ve got a surprise for you.”  At her announcement the bride looked worried, but Marcia pulled open the door, “I couldn’t get horses, but …”

“Wow, a dog sled, it’s amazing Marcia, all aboard.”

“Mush doggies,” Marcia called proudly, as the neighbours cheered loudly.

They couldn’t be late, it was valentine’s wedding day.

© NopeNotPam

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