What Do You See #121

Image credit; 8machine@ Unsplash

Jack and John were completely out of their depth.

“Umm,” John murmured uncertainly.

“Umm indeed,” Jack muttered, swinging round with a frown, “Though they seem pleased.”

“They do,” The other agreed, adding in a low voice, “Are you?”

“Of course,” Jack stated in a semi-jovial tone, “She’s a success.”

“I guess, but what is it?”

“Art,” Jack replied dismissively, “Now for a cup of tea to celebrate.”

“Too right,” John agreed enthusiastically, before frowning, “Hey, did those fingers just move?”

“What?  Nah, you’re just thirsty.”

The pair departed in haste, unaware that this art installation had ideas of its own.

What do you see #122

© NopeNotPam

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