Random Friday Photo #4

Round 2 of the WordPress Big Things Vote, and this week we are going big things which were actually for a useful purpose.

So we have the choice of Big Lizzie and Windmill. So yet again post your choice in the comments and let’s see which one moves on to the next round.

Ok, I’m just going to add a bit of history to this post, as there were a few questions about what Big Lizzie was.

  • Big Lizzie was considered to be the world’s largest tractor of her time
  • It pioneered an innovative wheel design for smashing through sand dunes and thick scrub
  • The giant machine took a year to build and two years to drive to its destination

And the windmill

Australiaโ€™s biggest windmill is in Penong in South Australia, accompanied with a collection of windmills in the Windmill Museum.

Built in 1932, the windmill was first used by the Commonwealth Railways at the McKinnon Dam to provide water for the railways at Kultanaby Railway siding. It was later purchased by Coondambo station in 1977 and used until 2003 when the fan of the windmill was destroyed by high winds.

ยฉ NopeNotPam

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