Random Friday Photo #3 – revisited

So last week I started the WordPress Big Things Vote, and thanks Sadje for your single solitary vote (C’mon folks this isn’t difficult, just note your choice in the comments please)

Now due to the lack of response Round 1 is still open and the two choices are below. (Kangaroo/Galah)

Now I don’t seem to be getting emails so if you have a Big Thing you want to add, please post on your blog with #WPBigThings and hopefully I’ll find it and can add it to the comp.

If I get a few responses overnight I’ll put the next round up tomorrow, else I’ll just leave this round open for another week.

© NopeNotPam

25 thoughts on “Random Friday Photo #3 – revisited

    1. Hi Selma, sorry I’m a bit of a mess this week with my puppy passing away. I’m going to do the offical tally on the weekend and I’ll make sure your vote is counted. Thanks so much for reminding me 🙂


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