#Writephoto – Island

Island – Image by KL Caley

The silence was anything but serene.

“You told me we were relocating to an island paradise.”

Don grimaced at Nancy’s accusatory tone.

“You said it was remote, a good place to raise the kids.”

He opened his beak, but at her beady eyed glare he shut it just as quick.

“You said I’d be the envy of all our friends.”

If looks could kill …

“Well, have you got an excuse, have you got anything to say, have you got any defence for this absolutely absurd idea of yours?”

He had plenty he could say.

“I’m waiting.”

Don sighed, “Quack?”

#Writephoto – Island

© NopeNotPam

19 thoughts on “#Writephoto – Island

      1. True, I’m in rehabilitation 🙂. If you get a chance you can check out the poem I’d forgotten I’d written on Spillwords today

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      2. I didn’t spot your post but found your poem and left a heart and a comment there!

        Had troubles posting comments the past few days but it seems ok now … WP was switching me over to other posts everytime I started to type, was most unnerving 🙂

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