#Writephoto – Walkers

Walkers – Image by KL Caley

The wind was gusting off the ocean as Marcia headed down to the shoreline, her lips a thin line of displeasure.

She’d sought refuge here, but the weather matched how his temperament had been, wild, unpredictable and angry.

Sighing she brushed the hair from her face, aware that the wetness she felt wasn’t ocean spray.

“Your mother told you, marry in haste repent in leisure,” She muttered as a seagull swooped low, but the words failed to release her pessimism.

She’d have to return and face the music eventually … or in this case the body of her dead husband.

#Writephoto – Walkers

© NopeNotPam

19 thoughts on “#Writephoto – Walkers

      1. I’m struggling with writer’s block, so it’s more as motivation than anything else. I had another piece accepted at spillwords 🙂

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