A Review – Laura’s Hidden Legacy: The Mansion

Written by PT Elliott this is the first instalment in a mystery series which really packs a punch, and there were more twists and turns than a roller coaster.

Following the death of her mother and step father Laura travels to Scotland in the hopes of finding some piece, but of course that doesn’t happen.  PT Elliot weaves an intricate web, which is very well crafted, delving into the past to influence the present.  I enjoyed this book but I will admit that Laura left me a bit lukewarm, and it was other characters which really brought the story alive for me.  I struggled a bit to the mid-way mark, but from this point the story really began to unfold and hit its stride.  The secrets of the past are revealed in a manner design to draw the reader in and it worked really well. 

In all a gripping tale, and a very satisfying read.  I feel it would suit the young adult audience, but be warned there are hard hitting topics discussed.

Rating: 4/5

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