author mentor month

Favourite Side Character:

So we’re having another go at this topic and I thought, let’s do the other side of the coin.

Aileen Reilly

She wasn’t unattractive, she’d actually aged well, a fact she attributed to a good bone structure. High cheekbones, deep set hazel eyes and an abundance of brunette hair had held her in good stead but the paintbrush of time had left its mark. Crows feet had appeared at the corners of her eyes, her skin had lost some of its lustre and only last week she’d spied silver streaks within her brunette locks. Aileen sighed, she was no longer the fey whimsical creature who’d given James a silver tongue.

So another side character? Do you have another to share? Do you have a favourite from a book you’ve read? If so, drop a line in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “author mentor month

  1. I actually loved Luna Lovegood a lot. Her character was very well written. Mostly girls will go with Hermione, But I’ll definitely choose her. She is wise. And doesn’t care about what people say or think of her. Her nature is so good. She is kind too. 🌿

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