author mentor month

Author Hero:

I’ve read a lot of authors in a lot of different genres, and through the years I’ve found my tastes have changed considerable.

I started on Stephen King and Dean Kootz. I couldn’t read them after I had the kids.

Then I went to Stephaine Laurens, Anne Rice, Dean Kootz, but I kind of overdosed on them.

After that I read a lot of Cosy Mysteries and really enjoyed them.

Now headed to the classics and I’m trying to read more independant authors.

Does this answer the question, not really, but I think anyone who writes a book is a hero.

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5 thoughts on “author mentor month

  1. I (obviously) have to agree with you both! I read a lot of SK, DK and AR in my twenties. I’ve recently returned to SK’s books again – prose to die for. In between, my tastes have been too eclectic for words (but indies feature strongly, of course).

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