author mentor month

So today we’re introducing our antagonist and I must admit I found this difficult. I don’t feel like I have black and white characters, we’re all shades of gray, but I do have characters who make questionable choices, like this:

Grimacing Aileen recalled how the well coordinated campaign had been rolled out under the guise of love. Her Father had reached out under the pretence of offering parental advice, and exhausted she’d taken the bait. She’d hoped for support, she’d hoped for someone who’d listen, she’d hoped for someone to tell her it would be alright, instead, in the dead of the night Ethan had arrived, all muted worry and grim concern.

I’d be interested in seeing your antagonist, feel free to drop a line in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “author mentor month

  1. In Holly’s first mystery the antagonist is a man by the name of Abe Grimer. A hard-up and desperate felon in charge of a gang. The more he tries to get a good result, the more it backfires and forces him to take more and more risks.

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      1. This one is called Stolen Treasures, it should hopefully be published this month.
        The next following ‘Holly’s Story’ is called Steam Train – thats a novella sized mystery and is available now. Then Stolen Treasures is the next and first full sized mystery.

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