#Writephoto – The Retreat

Toybox – Image by KL Caley

They’d debated and discussed, but they couldn’t deny the truth, Mother needed to go into a home.

There was regret in the decision, Suzanne suggested The Retreat, though you had to apply for admittance.

Malcolm had thought it a bit odd, but his objections had dissolved when they arrived.  It was brightly lit, tidy and neat, Mother would love.

The only needed to go through the formalities.

Entering via the French doors they stilled, a lion sat regally on a throne, and perched on the arm an owl, eyed them suspiciously.

“So, let’s discuss your crimes against nature, shall we?”

#Writephoto – The Retreat

© NopeNotPam

32 thoughts on “#Writephoto – The Retreat

      1. Hey Kate, I’ve just be advised by the State Library that I’m legally obligated to upload my book to them, state parliament and the National Archives. Have you ever heard of that?

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      2. yes, true … after school I managed to be employed by the state library of NSW, hoping to get a librainship. That year they made a very public decision to only train ‘men’ coz women got pregnant and left!

        For some month I worked in archives where every publication is recorded then stored. In that I had a rapid vast sexual education. Every publication meant all the porn, etc … everything!

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      3. Wow, I haven’t sent through anything previously. My hubby said don’t worry about it. Small fish, very big pond 🧐


      4. That’s what I’ll do. I was going to use another name this time, as this one is so different from the others


      5. All kinds of things, but I was thinking about repackaging them and changing the covers, so now I have no excuse but to do it

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