A Review – Holly Ward Investigates: Holly’s Story

This book is the first this year in my independent author’s project.  Written by Mason Bushell it is a charming introduction to Holly Ward, the feisty crime solving heroine and focuses on the development of her sleuthing abilities.

I enjoyed reading this book, it is written in a clear and concise manner which I found appealing, and the short stories provide both insight into how Holly solves the mystery which she discovers while lending depth to the characters.

I particularly enjoyed the first few stories and would have been happy to focus on more of Holly’s childhood, but perhaps the author will follow that line in future books.

Holly Ward’s mysteries would be an ideal introduction to the mystery genre for the younger reader, they reminded me of M.C. Beaton’s A House for the Season series, which I enjoyed immensely, for Mason Bushell can lead you through a mystery, letting you unravel it in tandem with her young sleuth.

In conclusion I found this book a wonderful entertaining read, which dwelt on the positives and left a feel-good vibe at its conclusion, and I would highly recommend it for young readers looking for a heroine who uses her mind to discover the truth.

Rating: 4/5

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