December Vibes Poetry Contest

Hi All, I’m not usually a participator in these types of challenges but Maria at Illumination Creations nominated me, and I was a little fed up with the poems about winter, so I decided to be awkward and post my non-winter poem.

So here’s the rules and the link back to the origin post:

  • Design a post of your own and link back to the original post to notify the creator. Unnotified posts will not be judged.
  • Paste the rules of this contest on your post if you have a blog. If not, contact us at with your entry!
  • Tag this post as December- Vibes- Poetry
  • Last date of submission is 10 January.
  • Word limit ranges to 200 words.

And here’s my completely unsuitable poem:


Sun beats down on bended head,
As the Eucalypt trees sway gently in the breeze.
Magpie’s lusty call breaks the silence,
Roos lift their heads alert and wary

Along the track he strides,
Swag upon his shoulder as flies swarm
The warmth of his gaze measures the road ahead
As he chews his wad of tobacco thoughtfully.

In the distance the sheep bleat their discontent,
Heavy winter coats cause heads to droop
He’ll be there soon though
And he whistles off key.

In the heat of the Australian Summer
They all wait with nervous anticipation,
Bushfire season, drought demands a heavy price
Even the most brave hearted are praying for rain

I meant to nominate people, but given the time frame I’ll let you decide if you want to participate. Have a Happy New Year

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© NopeNotPam

12 thoughts on “December Vibes Poetry Contest

  1. Happy New Year. It’s interesting read a different representation of what Christmas means than what we’re used to being portrayed. Must be odd to see how everything about Christmas is focused on winter.

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