author mentor month

Now this one I definetly hoping for some responses, so let’s hit the ground running.

Favourite Books for 2021:

  • The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue – VE Schwab
  • Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil – John Berendt
  • His Majesty’s Dragon – Naomi Novak

What about you? What was the favourite book you read in 2021? Feel free to leave in the comments.

Also please remember that I’m on a quest to read one of your books. I have an Amazon voucher and I’m not afraid to use it. Leave the title in the comments and once I’ve read I will review on Amazon for you.

ยฉ NopeNotPam

21 thoughts on “author mentor month

  1. I read very little. I’m struggling to re-read some Kafka at the moment, but it is hard going. Darned site easier when I was 20.

    I have to say, I don’t think I’m missing much. Mrs Bump has an Audible subscription, and the shit that makes it onto that platform is incredible. And presumably to produce an audio version in the first place, publishers must consider the stuff she listens to, to be the cream of the crop?

    I tell you, if I was the author of that shit, I’d be ashamed. I can onlty assume that publishers are making 90% from the sales.

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      1. But Audible? There’s nobody goind to go to the expense of producing an audiobook unless it has the backing of a publisher.

        Kindle is a different kettle of fish. Self-publishing is purely an exercise in vanity. Come to that, being published is purely a matter of commercial appeal.
        Neither of these is an indicator of quality.

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      1. The library’s quite good. I would love them to stock my new book. I’m going to see if they’ll accept a free copy once it’s complete

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