author mentor month

Non-Bookinsh Hobby:

As a lot of you know I have a lot of hobbies. I do needlepoint, I knit, I run (Not at the moment as I’ve fractured my knee), but this last week I’ve been doing one thing only.

Making Ice-Cream

90 single serves to be precise for the work Christmas BBQ. Here’s a pic.

Yum, love to hear your hobbies, feel free to list them below.

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16 thoughts on “author mentor month

  1. #1 Meditation
    #2 poetry and photography = blogging 😉
    #3 walking and cycling
    #4 reading and meditation 🙂

    PS Love homemade ice cream but not enough to try and make it myself! Cook to survive … have a good one Deb!

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  2. I wish you a speedy recovery, Deb! My main hobby is blogging and writing poetry. I can’t say these are hobbies but I enjoy exercise/dancing and music. Music has always been my go-to. I am impressed you made ice cream!

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