author mentor month

Bookish Bucket List:

Ok, I read this one and went, nope, not me. So instead I’m going to give you my book reading list for next year, which of course has a tale around it.

My daughter, bought me one of those random word search books you get everywhere. I went, alright, thanks and then instead of shoving it into a cupboard I decided I would do them all and also in order.

So number 20 was Nineteenth Century Literature and I went, ok next year I’m reading all of the ones I haven’t got to yet.

Here’s the list:

  • Adam Bede
  • Barnaby Rudge
  • Don Juan
  • Emma
  • Erewhon
  • Flatland
  • Jude The Obscure
  • Little Dorrit
  • Middlemarch
  • Romola
  • Silas Marner
  • Vilette
  • Youth

Now c’mon you are all seriously enviously, so if you want let me know your bookish bucket list (???) or your bookish new resolution if you like.

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13 thoughts on “author mentor month

      1. It’s by Yuval Noah Harari. Three books – Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind, second is Homo Deus A Brief History of Tomorrow and third is 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. It’s too soon to judge the book, but it’s going to be very time consuming for sure.

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  1. lol I found an interesting book at the op shop, impressive writing … a mystery set in a retirement village. So asked the library if they had any of the authors books, they ordered 3 brand new ones and yesterday morning I got the email to say they’d arrived.

    Impressive, so make a special trip to my local library where I made the order to find they’d sent the books to Lennox branch which wont open now for a couple of weeks. So kind thought but cruel delay to my reading … 😦

    Have good one Deb .. I had a surprise call at 3pm yesterday inviting for lunch today with brother and his family as our borders slowly open.

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