What Do You See #113

Image credit; Jonathan Borba @ Pixels

She’d chosen carefully

Each one had to be just perfect

Bright colours that whispered happiness

A sprinkle of moon dust suggesting hope

Cheerfulness ingrained in the whole.

Sighing, she carefully positioned the card

On top of her black and white TV.

And sunk back into her seat to

To watch the Christmas Carols

As a tear trickled down her cheek.

Lonely and alone.

What do you see #113

Please remember that Christmas isn’t cheerful for everyone and if you can donate to an organisation which assists, please do.

© NopeNotPam

11 thoughts on “What Do You See #113

      1. far more than ever before and having done so much crisis work on previous seasonal breaks … the overspending and every other over indulgence makes for much agro for many … plus all the losses and separations, for many it’s just too much 😦

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