author mentor month

Ok, I read this one and went what? I then googled this one and went , huh? I then looked at the examples and went, that’s what I was taught to avoid.

So after this wild and wonderful introduction, this is the closest I can find

Tropes in you book:

Had she fallen down the rabbit hole? Had she taken the express train to insanity? Had she wandered into an alternate universe?

Do you use tropes? Do you avoid them? Do you twist them? Do you do the hokey pokey?

So many questions that you might want to answer. If so you know what to do, comments, pingback, feel free.

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11 thoughts on “author mentor month

  1. They can be useful, I think. If I can just hint at something, and the readers get a fuller picture from my hints, then it saves me the work (and the words) of me actually writing it out. It’s not something I’m overly conscious of.

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      1. I can cut maybe 30-40% on an edit. That’s 30% of crap that someone doesn’t have to read.

        The trouble is, on a blog, I can post as long as I like and I often look at something and think I could have pruned harder.

        On what I’ve seen on here you don’t come across as too wordy btw. If you had, I’m sure I’d have noticed. It’s something I tend to pick up on.

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      2. I think my main problem is I get ideas and embellish. The novel I’m working on started like that, but when I was typing it up I kept asking myself if it was actually relevant. I’ve cut about 10000 words from the initial draft

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      3. I only write shorts but experience has told me that when I wedit, I drop a third.

        So nowadays, I tend to cut stuff *until* I’ve dropped about a third, then figure I’m good to go.

        But if you’re working on a novel, presumably editing is one of the stages of development, so it’ll all come out in the wash? I’d be tempted just to write and see where I ended up.

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  2. I’m with you ‘huh? What’s an aesthetic or trope?’ seems like someone’s having fun overcomplicating writing again!

    I was shocked at Mr Bump saying he’d delete 30% of a story on edit. Whenever I edit my story only ever gets bigger.

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