author mentor month

I think this one’s a bit vague, so I’m joining the party:

Favourite Chapter Ending:

As Tammy smiled, the pieces of the puzzle twisted. The tread pattern of the motorbike tyres, the strength of the temporary scaffolding stabilising the roof, and as Tammy took a step towards her, she finally realised what the sour taste which taunting her taste buds was.
“Gas,” Lacey muttered, in horror.
There was no way this was going to end well.

If you want to drop a snippet for this one feel free. Teasers are always great fun

© NopeNotPam

5 thoughts on “author mentor month

  1. Ooh! That’s an intriguing ending. Something bad is on the horizon.

    Here’s a chapter end snippet from mine for you;

    ‘The feeling of being trapped in the room brought the hopelessness back, hitting her with waves of fear and despair. Holly hugged her knees on the bed and bit back her tears.
    “That’s it, I’m finished. I can’t get out and nobody will ever find me here.”’

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