author mentor month

First all, this is a romance, so I think I can stretch today’s theme a bit and here’s some sippets introducing out duo:

Introduce Your Main Character:

Chad Mitchell

Bronzed, his face held a wealth of character and teamed with Chad’s cropped sun bleached hair and the smattering of freckles across the bridge of his nose, he was the epitome of an Australian lad.

Hair like spun gold, blue eyes which reminded her of the sea and a dimple which leant a boyish charm to his features. Lacey cursed, another lad who thought women had limited uses, another lad determined to decide her place in the world, another lad who just happened to be annoyingly attractive.

Lacey Phillips

“Yeah, I kind of zoned out when I agreed, it was that hot chick’s fault. She came storming out of here with such a disgruntled expression that I couldn’t concentrate.”

“That hot chick is Lacey, and she’d devour you for breakfast, Chad.”
James’ words immediately conjured a smorgasbord of images, peaches and cream skin misted with perspiration, lush red lips parted, auburn hair cascading over full voluptuous breasts.

I’d love to see your main character/s. Drop a line and introduce them, or create a pingback if you want.

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11 thoughts on “author mentor month

  1. These are good characters, well-described, and with strong traits well done.

    My main is Holly Ward – the 18 year old grandaughter of Detective Derek Ward. She is medium height, healthy build with sleek black hair which is usually in a sharp straight ponytail. She has thoughtful Icy-blue eyes and a friendly warm demeanor. She can be cute with her illiesm (using her own name when she talks.) Holly has lily allergies. She loves breaking ciphers and solving mysteries in between serving as the head waitress in her mother’s Workhouse Restaurant. She’d love to meet you.

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  2. Both characters description and their traits are well explained
    My character
    Fair skin, medium height, black long hair, very smart and helps her friends with studies. Knows to rule, well matured and attitude girl.Detective in the kitchen 😜(finds out what is cooked behind her when she goes to school) she’s none other than my daughter

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