Fandango’s Story Starter #24

She overheard the couple whispering in the adjoining room and realized they had unexpected guests.  Tilted precariously she peered into the formal dining room, as the others jossled with alarm.

“Janette, what is it?”  Freddie’s urgent whisper wasn’t unanticipated, he’d be the first to go for sure, “Tell me, no children, please no children.”

The high-pitched giggle was his answer and he groaned, but as footsteps approached Janette could only freeze.

When they returned to awareness, Freddie was gone.

“They always take the fairy bread first.”  Fred muttered morosely, his icing glistening.

Then the tea, Janette added with a shiver.

© NopeNotPam

Fandango’s Story Starter #24

13 thoughts on “Fandango’s Story Starter #24

    1. I’m just trawling through all my comments now Hetty, but I’m really glad you enjoyed the tale. I real means a lot to me that you read each instalment and gave feedback. Like most writers I appreciate knowing my work has been read. 😁

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