author mentor month

So here we are at day one and I’m not going to bother introducing myself as I suspect you all know me by now.

So, my current WIP started its life as a submission for a fundraiser connected to the Australian Bushfires. 10,000 words, set at a fire station, a hot steamy romance.

I’d never written a romance, so I thought why not? Unfortunantly I’m not very romantic and I’m a bit long winded, so it became an adventure romance set in a small town in Western Australia.

Here’s a blurb

Chad Mitchell has returned from the city, determined to confront the demons, but with an arsonist is on the lose, a life lost, and an enquiry ongoing into negliance within the fire station, he isn’t the only one haunted.

Sometimes you meet the perfect partner at the wrong time, sometimes it becomes a matter of life or death.

Love to hear about your WIP. Pingback and I’ll come and have a read

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15 thoughts on “author mentor month

      1. sit with it a while then go with what comes up stronger … the novel I recently edited, author was going to have a complicated ending. She sat with it and came out with a simple but satisfying ‘mystery’ ending ๐Ÿ™‚

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