I’m looking for a developmental editor

Hi All,

My husband, being Mr Supportive, has recommended before I look at submitting my novel to an agent, that I have a developmental editor look at it.

Great idea, but who? If you have any recommendations please let me know.



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23 thoughts on “I’m looking for a developmental editor

  1. wow you made me look it up, I am doing this for nix, zilch, zero for a published friends 3rd novel … no wonder she has shouted me a couple of cuppas! It’s intense work but as I have no training and little previous experience … Frankly she needs to pay someone as she may take more notice of them

    1. not a friend
    2. they don’t come cheap

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    1. I told my husband that, but he says its worth it. I’m more than happy to pay to get an honest assessment, if you, or anyone else is happy to do it.


      1. oh I’m sure I don’t have the skills … if you pay someone you have vested interest to hear their feedback. This ‘friend’ insists on her lengthy title of nine words … so really other than grammar and typos she disregards all my advise. So frankly it hasn’t been a pleasant experience 😦

        Bella has many skills but she is currently occupied …

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      2. That’s not good, if you ask for input you need to listen. Mason read the draft of Beneath the Surface and she pointed out some glaring holes which I fixed. You suggested other media forms, so I did my twitter page and some website blogs. You can’t be that protective of your work, you’ll never survive.


      3. ok I’ve had some photos stolen, the thief had them go viral and they get deleted from my blog as ‘viral’ under another the theifs name … that’s why … mainly my beach, coastline pics … I don’t mind sharing but this guy set them up as his own and claimed he took them in Canada … then later admitted he’s never been to Canada … go figure

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      4. I can understand that, that’s why I’m looking for recommendations. The internet is full of warnings regarding people taking your work and presenting as their own


      5. I don’t know if you ever heard of Reedsy, but they have tons of free writer focused advice blogs, courses, and resources. I found my book cover designer and interior formatter through them, and I know they can help you get in touch with professional editors of all types.

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  2. Welll… there are a few bloggers who’ve mentioned it. I think Esther Chilton offered at one point but I’m not sure she’s still doing it. You could ask D. Wallace Peach for some honest names.

    Depending on how long it is, I could give it a once-over. 🙂

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