#Writephoto – Stamps

Shopping – Image by KL Caley

At her mother’s heavy sigh Jemima scowled, “Seriously Dad was going batter, look at all this junk, this is going to take ages.”

“Darling, he was a bit eccentric, but he did no harm.”

“Didn’t do me any good either, look you and Jemmy can stay, I’m going home to Mum, she needs me.”

As her mother’s high heels headed briskly to the door Jemima suppressed a smile.

“You can come out of hiding now.”

Scampering into the study, she gazed at the collection of stamps, “Ok, Jemima we both know what your grandfather intended, your treasure hunt begins now.”

#Writephoto – Stamps

© NopeNotPam

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