What Do You See #109

Image credit; Photomix company @ Pixabay

Craggy brows furrow
As he gazes down
With pursed lips.

Last horizon.

Like a crown,
Clouds Encircle
As wind breathes softly.

Exhaling purity.

Cold crisp waters,
Bathe his feet,
Icy shimmering.

Cleansing blissfully.

His frown deepens.
As a small boat bobs,
Lure in hand, whoops of delight.

Civilization encroaches


What do you see #109

© NopeNotPam

17 thoughts on “What Do You See #109

      1. It reminds me of a time when we found a lovely picnic spot on a hillside overlooking a bay, somewhere in Greece. We’d just got settled when a coachload of Japanese tourists arrived…

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