Weekend Writing Prompt #236

“I cannot describe it, yes?”

“Umm, it shimmers, no?”

“Yes, but it is more, yes?”

“More, yes, it is lustrous, no?”

“Lustrous?  Shimmering?  Yes?”

“Yes, but more, no?

“No, much much more, yes?”

“The sky is …”


Ok, a quick explanation for this one. When I saw the prompt my first thought wasn’t how to use the word, but how did the name of a colour evolve. So as you do I went to Wikipedia and this is what I found.

The modern English word blue comes from Middle Englishbleu or blewe, from the Old Frenchbleu, a word of Germanic origin, related to the Old High German word blao (meaning shimmeringlustrous).[5] In heraldry, the word azure is used for blue.[6]

© NopeNotPam

Weekend Writing Prompt #236

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