Fandango’s Story Starter #19

Look at the pretty box,
I brought it just for you.
Open it wide and smile,
I promise you’ll no longer be blue.

No longer be blue?
Blue is my favourite hue.
I will not open it, I tell you,
No matter what you do.

But it plays a merry song,
One to make you smile,
If you open up the pretty lid,
Your cares will disappear awhile.

Ok, ok, I’ll open it up,
But I tell you I am not pleased,
Ok, ok give me your damn box,
I’ll scowl if I am displeased.

Please do not be so distraught,
It’s a wonder for your eyes,
Go on open it up,
I promise you’ll be surprised.

Alright, I will open it just for you,
But I will tell you I’m prepared for a fright.
Here I go opening the lid,
Oh, I told you it would be such a delight.

© NopeNotPam

Fandango’s Story Starter #19

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