len’s artist challenge #173

So, whats so interesting about this architecture, well its more its history.

In 1840, George Strickland Kingston was commissioned to design Adelaide’s new gaol. The architectural plans for Adelaide Gaol were based on the latest in European gaol designs and were said to be radical for the time.

The original cost estimate for Adelaide Gaol was £17,000, but by 1841 costs had already reached £16,000 with only half the planned works complete. The final bill was more than double the original quote and the expense of construction sent the fledgling colony of South Australia bankrupt.

As a result, Governor Gawler, who was considered responsible for this situation, was recalled to England and replaced by Governor Grey. Governor Grey halted work and Adelaide Gaol construction languished for over six years.

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Lens Artist #173 – Interesting Architecture

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13 thoughts on “len’s artist challenge #173

  1. Wow, how surprising – an under-estimated cost of building…..NOT!!! Apparently the art of convincing clients of unrealistic pricing goes back a long way! It does sound like the project was eventually finished, which isn’t always the case. We had a major road nearby that we all believe will suffer the same fate – our tax dollars at work 😡. Here’s hoping I’m wrong. Terrific example!

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