You May Be Interested

Hi All,

You may recall this prompt from a few weeks back, well at the time I was chatting with Kate over at Aroused and she’d suggested I send in something to Spillwords for consideration. As you may have guessed I sent in the first response I wrote to this prompt and it goes up at their site today.

Would love it if you popped over for a look and perhaps a like and as they say if your inclined spread the word.

Β© NopeNotPam

25 thoughts on “You May Be Interested

      1. Ahh, so you’re Debbie over there then? FB groups have changed so much, I don’t even get told if I have new members anymore.
        I have no idea why it blocked you for sharing a link though, that’s rotten of them. I’m sorry.

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      1. I rationalize it this way– when I was in college I spent hours and hours and hours researching and writing papers ONE person, i.e. the professor, will read. Therefore two people is double what I did before.

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